Setting up an account in Mozilla's Thunderbird

If you have not already - you'll need to download then install Thunderbird. Here is a link to get the download: Thunderbird Download Site

Open Thunderbird and click on "Tools" then "Account Settings" as seen here:

Now simply click "Add Account" as show nhere

Be sure you have the "email" selected as shown here: - then mail.

The next step is to simply type in your name. Be like Paul, and use capitalization and spaces between your first and last name. Reminder - the way you type your name in this field is how others you send to will see it. "Paul Newman" looks better in my inbox than "paulnewman" or worse yet -" Just type you name as you normally would - as shown below.

And then tyoe in your EXACT email address - if it is not typed in correctly - it will not work correctly.

The next step is entering your email server name. Be sure the "POP3" is checked as this is the type of Server you have Do so in all small letters. Paul's email server is - - and so is yours. Enter it exactly as such. See below for details:

When you click next - the username will be automatically filled out from the username of you email address. Just click next again here:

Again - in this next step all you have to do is click next as this field is automatically filled in from previous information already entered

The final step is to review you info and click finish. Mozilla is geared towards security - so Thunderbird will frequently ask you for your password. (NOTE - it never asked you for it during the email account set-up. Remember it or write it down as you'll be needing it frequently.

Now that you account is set up you can go an play with the junk mail controls. There will be no tutorial for this section as it is all personal preference and there are way too many options. Just play around with it and you will get the hang of it

To find these settings click on "Tools" then "Junk Mail Controls".

Thunderbird will give you all you need in an email client with powerful junk mail controls to keep the junk mail out of your inbox.