Venus Telephone Corporation

About Us

Venus Telephone Corporation was founded in 1910. Venus Telephone started as "Farmers Lines" and gradually progressed over 100 years time to where we are now.

Even though Venus Telephone had its beginning in the early 1900's, it wasn't until 1963 that the operator attended switchboards were replaced by an automatic dial office. In 1971 automatic toll ticketing came around allowing 16 callers at one time to dial long distance without the intervention of an operator.

The building was expanded in 1975 to provide additional room for switching equipment and garage space. With the installation of digital switching in 1980, the extra floor space was not needed at that time. Remote switching nodes were installed in 1984 and in 1989 in Fertigs, Lake Lucy, and McKissicks Corners areas. Then came the SS7 signaling network in 1987 which provided class calling features, Caller ID being one of them, and voice mail services. The Internet appeared in 1999 and DSL service in 2001. Finally TV service was deployed in 2003.

Beginning in 2010, we began phasing out all of our existing equipment to make way for the new Fiber plant and new facilities on both ends (home and Central Office).

Our State-of-the-Art facility with Fiber Optic Cable has replaced all of our "dated" copper lines. Our facility houses a Telephone Soft Switch , a fiber optic connection from the internet backbone the entire way to your door step, and our own Digital Television (MPEG2/MPEG4) Head End .

As a small Pennsylvania Utility Company and your "Hometown Service Provider" we try to stay a step ahead. We pride ourselves in giving the best possible service to our customers and never compromise our work. From home installs to equipment upgrades, we are high tech in very Rural Pennsylvania.