We recommend using our Webmail so that you can view emails caught as Spam.
This is especially important if your current settings are POP3.
POP3 cannot see the emails in the Spam folder.

This information describes changes needed to Send and Receive email using Secure POP3 settings.

Where these settings are located depends on the Email program you are using.
Generally, these are located in Settings or Properties

For the Login information:

- Use your Full Email Address for the Username (add @venustel.com after the Username, if needed).
- Use “Clear Text” or “Normal Password” Authentication.

For the Server information:

- Incoming Server Name: mail.venustel.com
- Port is: 995
- Require a secure connection (SSL)

- Outgoing Server Name: mail.venustel.com
- Port is: 587
- Require a secure connection (SSL)
- Require SMTP Authentication