Venus Telephone Corporation

Television - SD (Standard Definition) / HD (High Definition) / Whole Home DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Venus Telephone now offers a wide variety of options and choices for TV service. In the past you were limited to 2 streams of video (in some cases only 1 stream) all of which were in SD. Our new system allows for Multiple streams of video and *unlimited* number of Set Top Boxes (STB). If you have 4 TVs and want to watch a different show on each TV, you can now do this. A STB will be required at each TV set. Unlike our old Motorola system and it's RG (Residential Gateway) - the new system requires a STB at each TV. Not to say you can't run 2 TV sets off of one STB, but you do lose the functionality of changing channels from another room on just one STB. In other words, if you have a TV in your living room and a TV in your kitchen, they can both be hooked to the same STB in your living room, but you will have to go into your living room to change the channel in your kitchen.

Our new DVR system allows you to record 2 shows and watch a 3rd all at the same time. The "Whole House" function allows you to pause a recorded show you are watching, and pick it up in a different room on a different STB. The DVR system also allows you to pause and rewind live TV. Perfect for snack time, phone calls and other general interuptions not to disrupt your viewing experience. Our DVR system also allows you to set up recordings from any STB in the house, and allows you to access / watch / rewind / fast forward / pause the DVR from any STB in your house.

Pricing is as follows:

First 2 STBs are free. Each additional STB will require a $5 monthly fee.

HD service is $4 per month.

DVR service is $10 per month.

*unlimited* - If you live in an apartment building or multi-dwelling home, your DVR / Number of STBs may be limited. Please inquire for more details. Also - there is a maximum number of STBs that will run at your residence. Inquire for more details.