The 1985 Polaris Scrambler 250R/es


Yup, Polaris did indeed make 3 wheelers. Just not very darned many. Polaris was the only manufacturer to reverse engineer. They 1st made quads, then later cut off the quad front and grafted on a trike front end. Polaris actually used Yamaha parts to make their trike. The front end is basically the exact same as a 225DR or 225DX - from the triples to the forks - right down to the fender and hand controls.

We will be giving this trike the old 1-2 punch and making it a nice rider. It is tons of fun to ride and with the very limited seat time I currently have on it - I can say that I love this thing. It is really big compared to other trikes - even a Big Red looks dwarfed sitting beside it. It also sits up really high. The feeling I get while riding it is very similiar to a snowmobile - just the way it takes off and handles. Yes - you are seeing correctly - that is a trail pro on the front - it will be the first part replaced as money permits!