The 1983 Honda ATC185S

The Honda ATC185S has a rich history of transformations and re-namings. It all started back in 1980 with the ATC185 model. That was a new model for 1980 and also was the largest displacement engine of all of the ATC line-up at the time. Then in 1981, along came the ATC200 - which knocked the ATC185 off the "big dog" block with its 15cc larger displacement. The ATC200 was the same size as the ATC185 in all respects; it just had a larger engine. When Honda introduced the ATC200 in 1981, it kept the 185cc engine, but scaled back the size a little bit. Honda called this smaller, lighter, sportier version, the ATC185S. Later in 1984, the ATC185S got the larger engine update (200cc) and it was from then on known as the ATC200S.

I purchased this trike from a local ATV salvage yard in 2006. The salvage yard proprietor said he just didn't have the heart to part it out. I couldn't agree with him more - this is a 100% complete machine that is 100% mechanically sound, right down to every brake cable working freely and every skid plate and chain guard piece intact and dent free. Its engine runs as well or better than any other trike I own. From what I can tell, it came from Arizona, because of a dealer sticker on the aftermarket headlight guard. This is a favorite bike of many friends of ours that come ride with us, and is used as a loaner bike to qualified individuals.