The 1984 Honda ATC125M

New for 1984 was the Honda ATC "M" Series. The "M" series was offered in two sizes - the ATC125M and the ATC200M. The "M" designated machines had an upgrade from non-"M" models with the luxury of electric start. Honda mentions their "Easy starting push button electric start" in their brochures and this was a definite selling point for women and children. Those recoil pull starts can be tough, although the recoil starter is still there as a back-up. Another thing that "M" models had that was different from all other models was orange coloring in their decals. The ATC125M is the same size as the ATC90 and ATC110 - although the motor is just slightly bigger with a 124cc displacement. The ATC125M also offers the nice Hi-Lo gearbox also standard on the ATC90 and ATC110.

Our ATC125M needs to be restored. It is nearly 100% complete, and does run - but not only does it need a cosmetic restoration, but also the motor is in severe need of an overhaul. It is also to be noted that we do not have the correct tank decals on this ATC125M. You will note the tank decals are blue on this machine, they are supposed to be orange. Also our headlight is not correct for this model and is just make shift until we get to the restoration.