The 1984 Honda ATC 200X

The 1st generation ATC200X was made between 1983 and 1985. It was the first 4 stroke sport 3 wheeler introduced by Honda. To this day, the 200X remains one of the most popular models both by numbers as well as memories. The 1st year of production, the ATC200X had red fenders, a white gas tank with tri-colored orange / red Honda logo, a black seat and black fork boots. What sets the 1983 apart from all other sport ATCs is the rear swing arm. It was made of tightly gusseted round tubing - and almost looks custom made. The 1984 ATC200X looks visually the same as the 1983 except for the updated rear swing arm made of larger square tubing. The 1985 ATC200X was a little more colorful with it's red fenders, white tank with tri-colored red / white / blue Honda logo, a blue seat and blue fork boots. Back in the mid-80s, the 200X ruled the 4 stroke race circuit as many engine builders were able to pump lots of horsepower from these little motors. The 200X was the only Honda 4 stroke racer ever built - contrary to popular opinion that the 350X was a larger 4 stroke racer. The 350X is nothing more than a trail 3-wheeler (the best trail 3 wheeler ever made!!!!)

Our 1st generation ATC200X is pretty modified from stock. At first glance you'll notice the color difference. Obviously black and pink was not an option offered by Honda. What you can't see so clearly from pictures is the port and polished head, the over-sized cam, the high compression piston, and the free flowing Cobra exhaust. This little pink trike really scoots!