The 1985 Honda ATC250ES Big Red

1985 brought the third and final generation of the Big Red series which ran until 1987 here in the States and until 1988 in Europe, Australia, and Canada. New features for the 1985 model were huge improvements from previous generations. Improvements are: 250cc motor, new designed front suspension, rear suspension, detachable headlight / work light, and the list goes on. A plethora of optional equipment was made for by Honda for the Hondaline line of products. Some of these include: Front rack cooler carrier, front rack mounted basket, Speedometer, front rack mounted hard tool box, headlight guard, additional headlight / spotlight with guard, rear rack mounted mud flaps, windsheild, and two colors of covers (red and camo). No doubt, the 1985 Honda ATC250ES left its mark in heavy industry and farms all across the earth. Many local farmers are still using these machines today.

Our ATC250ES has seen many faces over the years here at Tionesta Trikes. When I first built it, it was to be a sporty, fast, racing Big Red. It had a 200X front end for quick steering and better suspension, and short 20" tires for quick acceleration. It later would have large 25" tires and a snow plow. It is now done up as a hunting / trail machine with 12" wheels all around, and a camo kit. Of all the machines here in our garage, the 1985 ATC250ES by far gets used more than any other machine. We love it and have put countless miles and hours on this machine with very little maintenance ever needed. It keeps on taking what we dish out!


  • 246cc
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission with Reverse
  • Shaft Drive
  • Oil Capacity = 2.6 Qt
  • Fuel Capacity = 3.6 Gal. (including Res.)
  • Start Method - Electric & Kick Start
  • Tire Size - 25X12X9 Weight - EST 370Lbs
  • MSRP New- $1968.00