The 1986 Honda ATC125M

With production numbers of 3 wheelers significantly down for 1986, Honda completely redesigned the ATC125M for this year. (NOTE: in 1986 the ATC200X was also completely redesigned as well. These are the last two retooling jobs Honda would ever make for the ATC line-up). The major design for change for the 1986 ATC125M was so encompassing that this model looks nothing like the 1985 and prior years. Main changes to the model are as follows: Motor cylinder went from old horizontal style to vertical style, reverse gear added to transmission, structural round tube frame rather than the old pressed out skinny style frame that dated back to the 1970 US90, all new fenders, tank and seat design. The 1986 ATC 125M really is a stunning little 3 wheeler that was more modern looking than most any other model. Still, Honda did not include front or rear suspension to the model which makes for a bouncy ride.

Our 1986 ATC125M is completely 100% stock and OEM right down to the tires that rolled out of the Japanese manufacturing site back in 1986. This is probably our favorite model in the shop. With just over 8,500 of these units ever made (and not all of those came to US soil) this is most likely the rarest trike in our collection as well. We do ride this 3 wheeler - but we are always sure to be very careful as parts for this are so very hard to find - in the case of damage to existing parts. If you have never seen one of these before, then you will know by looking at it just how much different and special it is from the rest of our collection.